Winter Alone

Leonora Anders has always been called spunky, even daring in her day, but now as a middle-aged woman she finds her adventurous spirit waning. For years, while raising her seven children with her husband Mark, Leonora has been an avid camper and outdoors-woman. What had begun as leadership roles in 4H and Cub and Girls Scouts graduated to the position of Youth Leader at her local church.


It has been two years since Leonora had voluntarily turned over the reins of the Youth Group leadership to a younger crowd when she reluctantly found herself as one of the sponsors of a weekend camp out in the rugged mountains of New Mexico.


In a freak accident, Leonora is lost to the rest of her group and having been presumed dead, she is left in the mountains to make her way through the long, cold winter alone with only sparse provisions and the crude weapons that she had fashioned herself.


Fighting for her life, Leonora finds herself questioning her faith. She has always believed everything happened for a reason, but this is beyond her understanding. Leonora may have found the answer to her question when she witnesses a plane crash about three miles from her shelter. Hiking through the deep snow to the scene of the crash, she uncovers her worst fears and the true meaning of redemption.



ISBN: 9781933660240

Author: Delene Perry

Audience: General

Dimensions: 5.88 x 8.25

Page Count: 225

Package: Paperback

List Price: $18.95