Author, Doris Ainsworth Stephenson, takes a retrospective look at her own life in her new book, “Out of Heaven.”  Stephenson’s first book, Macie’s Book of Remembrance, was the re-telling of her mother’s story transcribed from her mother’s autobiographical notes.  This time, Stephenson opens up in a no holds barred accounting of her own life.


Stephenson’s honesty and straight forward sharing of her very personal story is compelling as well as comforting.  Her faith will lift your spirit and her candor will reassure you that God loves us unconditionally.





Out of Heaven

ISBN: 9781618990037

Author: Doris Ainsworth Stephenson

Audience: General

Size: 5.88 x 8.25

Page Count: 228

Package: Paperback

List Price: $17.95