Albert Diaz needed to have written his story. It's a testament to the authority and power of prayer. So many times throughout his career, from the capture of one of the FBI's ten-most-wanted, the breakup and arrest of national and international drug dealers, and through his own personal ordeal of seeking justice, Albert was the recipient of God's full Grace.


Because of the prayers of his parents, Albert Diaz can look back on many occasions throughout his career and proclaim the words of the Prophet Daniel, "The Lord sent an angel and shut the mouth of the lions." Internal Conflict needs to be read by all.


In Internal Conflict, Albert Diaz, a law enforcement professional of the highest order, and co-author Leah Burns, perfectly illustrate the fact that there is no hell evil enough, no darkness dark enough, no hole deep enough, where God can not reach in and touch.



Internal Conflict

ISBN: 9781933660622

Author: Albert Diaz & Leah Burns

Audience: General

Size: 5.88 x 8.25

Page Count: 101

Package: Paperback

List Price: $19.95