Perry DeFiore is the author of many science fiction titles, and a former Junior High School Principal in a private school in Monterrey, Mexico, as well as a teacher at the Technological University of Monterrey. He holds various diplomas in adolescent psychology, with additional studies from a California Bible College. DeFiore has traveled extensively instructing teachers on how to teach math and science to teens. He wrote more than fifty textbooks for private schools and worked with American publishers of textbooks in instructing teachers.


DeFiore has a passion for sciences, which led him to study Ocean Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, Environmental Sciences at the University of Connecticut, and Electricity and Mechanics at the Cleveland Institute. In his writing career he completed his studies at the New York Institute, specializing in fiction.


As a writer and learning enthusiast DeFiore still continues his education, currently taking courses in Human Behavior and writing. Through his education and life experiences DeFiore loves to build worlds that bring a rich knowledge into tantalizing fiction. He lives in Texas with his wife, Blanca, who lovingly refers to him as a permanent student.

Perry DeFiore

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