Some stories deserve to be told. Dawfie's Story, many believe, is one of these.


Doris Lucille Cochran was born to Tommie and Ola Cochran on July 29, 1932. Her family, which consisted of her mother, father and two older brothers, lived in southwest Louisiana, very near where the Sabine River marks the state's boundary with Texas.


History reveals just how far we have progressed in assisting handicapped people in helping them to live a productive life. Unfortunately, Dawfie (her pronunciation of Doris) was born too early to benefit from the early diagnosis and intervention so prevalent today. The diagnosis of autistic and in particular, autistic savant, was not obtained until she was well past fifty years old. Simply put, she lived for sixty years in what many may think of as an unappealing life. Yet those of us fortunate enough to have known her would testify that Dawfie's life, while limited in many ways, was far from unappealing.

Dawfie's Story

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