Born and raised in the small town of Garwood, Texas, Cranek grew up with two loves – baseball and writing. He took the two and decided to write a story based on numerous true events that he experienced through his lifetime. With the game and his ability to write held close to his heart, Cranek considers his family’s unconditional love and support to be the driving force in everything he has accomplished thus far.


He attended Texas A&M University to pursue his degree in Sport Management with a minor in business.  To fulfill this, Cranek completed an internship with the Houston Astros, which he used as the moral backbone behind ‘Charlie’s Dream'.


In his free time, Russell likes to spend time with his family and write poetry, as well as music.  Looking forward to the opportunity, Russell hopes that his work will one day have a positive effect on the lives of the individuals who take the time to read it.













Russell Cranek

Charlie's Story - Out of the Weeds


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