Cole grew up in Texas, and attended Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, where she met her husband, Zachary.


Zachary served in the U.S. Army for a period of five years, during which time he suffered an extensive back injury, ultimately influencing his decision to separate from the Army upon completion of his enlistment.  During her husband’s time in the service, Cole gave birth to their two sons; the first in California, and the second in Germany.  Their daughter was born shortly after Zachary’s enlistment ended.


As a military family, the Cole’s moved from Texas to California, California to Texas, Texas to Germany, Bavaria to Darmstadt, and Darmstadt back to Virginia, where they currently reside.


Being inspired to write and share the lighter side of things, by way of her experiences while in the military,  Cole presents her first book “If the Army wanted you to read this book, they Would Have Issued you a Copy” hoping to cause incontrollable bursts of laughter through the accounts of her time in the military life.











Alexandra Cole

If the Army Wanted You to Read this Book, They Would Have Issued You a Copy

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