Rita Allbright, along with husband Dr. Joe Allbright, has devoted her life to serve the Lord since 1969.  Not only does Rita have published work of her own, but also co-authors with Dr. Allbright in "More Tools for Liberating the Bruised".  This God-inspired work brings much joy to her heart in knowing that even after she and Dr. Allbright have moved to their heavenly home, their two books can continue to share God’s wondrous truths with individuals as well as ministers, missionaries, and counselors who can lead souls to salvation and lead Satan’s captives to freedom, peace and joy through our Lord Jesus Christ!


Rita coordinates and supports the "Joe E. Allbright Evangelistic Assoc., Inc." in a volunteering capacity.  She inserts her kindness, talent and creativity to Dr. Allbright's work, enabling her to meet his counsel recipients  in a whole different level and therefore serving them further.


Looking back from their October 11, 1957 marriage Rita continues to express her amazement at how God caused their pathways to meet---putting two people together who are so opposite from one another in personalities, abilities, and talents. He knew how not only to bring balance to their marriage, but to His ministry as well.


Rita remains grateful for God's unconditional love and readiness to forgive when they failed and strayed! She desires that others experience His amazing grace!

Rita Allbright

More Tools for Liberating the Bruised

Such As I Have, Give I Thee

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